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Funny story:

A few weeks after bringing Duke home, Dave and I were discussing the fact that beagles are rabbit hunters. So I go into my best Elmer Fudd voice and say, "Be vewy, vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits." We laughed and then joked that Elmer would have been a great name. Dave asks if it's too late to change his name to Elmer and I said, "We can't change it, he already knows his name is Dammit Duke!"

Anyhow, we all get frustrated and yell sometimes and there are times you have to for the pup to know you're not playing around. I know with the labs, a loud voice is more punishment than anything and works like a charm. With Duke, not so much, a squirt bottle seems to be a better weapon. So each animal has it's own way of training, but it's up to you-his parents-to find and use the best method for all of you. Grams has no right interferring and your hubby was perfectly within his rights to tell her so.

Good luck!
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