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I found that just like babies like to have us come running when they are to go to sleep, our little furbabies can cry up a storm, when they can't see us. Give her a chew toy, and let her learn to amuse herself for short periods of time, then lengthen them....you don't want to be tied to home and pooch.

As far as the scratching, maybe it's time to trim those nails. I can't do it myself, my little boys were just too good at biting my fingers, so I let the groomer do it --- and it's not to expensive considering the price of a good pair of clipper and a finger or two. And the collar, well, it's like putting on a new pair of shoes or clothing that is restrictive, we don't like it much either, but as was said, after a week, she'll get used to it, and if she KNOWS that a walk comes with the collar every now and then, all the better.

Good luck!

cathy J
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