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Apple Cider Vinegar

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I've been having trouble with Ticks getting on Dixie even though she gets Frontline Plus. So today I sprayed her down with a 50/50 solution of ACV and water. She has been scratching her self silly due to the ticks also and after being sprayed she isn't scratching as much. We went outside earlier and she didn't get a tick on her also. Hopefully this helps and if it keeps working I will report back.
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Interesting. I never knew that would repel ticks.
Hmmmm...can't wait to hear more! I knew it would help with itch, but that would be AWESOME if it helps repel. With a toddler and baby in the house, I am always on the look out for natural remedies!!
I've heard about this too, I wonder if it works. Please keep us posted
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We de-tick ours every day. Snoopy gets lots but Susi only a few. She sniffs them out on Snoopy, so we know where to look. We have only used Frontline once this year, it doesnt stop them biting and cansometimes make removing them more difficult. In our pet-store there is a liquid, some sort of oil, that is supposed to act as a deterent. However, if you check the dog over once a day and remove the ticks, it solves the problem. Ours are vacinated against borealose (spelling!).
How hard is it to notice ticks?? I spend a lot of time petting Oreo all over his furry little body - are they something I would notice in the course of just petting him?

(I use Frontline every month so I haven't really thought to look for ticks specifically).
They are noticeable, check the hot spots such as under the legs, chest, ears, and between toes. They are not very small, kind of like a fire ant size I might say.

An update, it hasn't worked out as plan, she gets spray with ACV but she is still getting ticks.

So I'm off to try something else. My mother's dog don't get ticks and I think it's because of the medicine she uses, but I am reluctant to use it cause it's a Hartz product. But it seems to work as I haven't found a tick at all on Chatzi
Ours are on Advantix and in the beginning of the season it was HORRIBLE! We were pulling ticks off left and right, they were easy to spot for the most part. Cole seems to have the thickest coat and once or twice we did not know he even had a tick until it became engorged. Gently using a fine comb to go through their thick fur helps. Thankfully they havent been getting many ticks any more.
I too would love to find a natural repellent so if you find something less harsh that works please share!
ACV as a remedy for ticks? Wow, I never heard of that before. I may try that out with my pet, Lily. What I know about ACV is that it works for weight loss and genital warts (I haven't tried it though; when I had the misfortune of having warts, I used Wartscide and it was very effective). Sorry, that's TMI.
ACV is very good. I use it as a after bath rinse for my boys. Ity's also good to use on fasting days. Put 1-3 drops RAW apple cider vinigar in the water. For white dogs putting a couple drops int he water helps get rid of eye stains.
i'm just a bit worried. i read some forums that ACV can burn the skin, at least in some cases (particularly on treating warts, some people just buy creams like oxyfend instead). how about on dogs? isn't it hot or something like that on their skin? and do you directly and purely put that on him? i'm sorry for many questions. i just super love my beagle <3
Sorry. I dilute 50/50 with cold water. then poor directly on him in the tub after the bath. Some people use it dilutedin a spray bottle and spritz their dogs. Avoid eyes ect.
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