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anyone here a member of IN FO DOGS?

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I'm not sure If I posted about this before or not sorry If I have

I am trying to get some Info on georgia when she was showing & the only site she seems to be listed on is info dogs which I can not access because I am not a member.
I have sent the woman who I got her from a few e mails with no responces I do not know If her computer is down or if she is just blowing me off so any help would be great here is the link to her page


she is # 12
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I have access to infodog.com, what kind of information are you looking for?

I might be able to help you.
thank you so much
I just need to know what it says, looks like when you click on the link that I posted above & If there are any pictures the lady I got Georgia from computer crashed & she lost all of any pictures that she had of Georgia

If you wish you can e mail me the stuff to
[email protected]
I am also looking for her pedgree If it is listed on there as well
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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