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Anyone else do Nosework ???

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Anyone else do Nosework with their beagles ?
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I think it’s amazing when Buddy’s nose goes into action. Of course that is mostly all the time when we’re out. I’m always fascinated watching him track a scent that only he can smell especially when he starts backtracking and changing direction. They are amazing little creatures.
Is Boh to old to do scent work? Just for fun, I mean. Like MJS said, our boys definitely have the nose for it. The nose doesn't miss much and it's fun to watch.
Boh isn’t too old at all. Nosework is about a nose. Nothing else.
I will have to say I wouldn’t trade the time with Lena or Oliver doing Nosework for anything. Oliver was amazing at it. He was a natural. No one has ever seen a dog like him. I was awe struck with his abilities. Then he got sick. We had to stop Nosework because he was accidentally around a dog that was sick. He got so very sick with pneumonia that required emergency treatment with several days in intensive care. Well then Covid hit. I will be restarting Nosework soon.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts