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Yes, make sure to use a well fited harnes and never a collar and NEVER one of these gentle leader or halties which holds the dog by the nose.
When playing with your dog, do not throw the toy high so the dog runs with his neck in a normal position and does not jump. Avoid frizbis. Rolling balls are a good excercise.
When tugging with your dog, always leave the dog do the tugging. Just hold the toy. Tugging left to right or vice versa is safe, but never tug up and down.
Dogs should not be allowed to jump DOWN from a hight higher than a sofa as an adult, and until 1 year of age, never higher than their elbows.

Keep in mind that disk problem is genetic and breed specific. Abiding by these rule will diminished drastically the chance for your dog to suffer from this problem but cannot garanty it.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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