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We have it permanently taped and I go to the best in show part a lot just to see UNO in all his glory. I wrote a letter to the editor of The Tampa Tribune regarding their comment on the opinion page the day after UNO won. I agreed with them totally expecially the part about going to Beagle Rescue first; however, I went on to comment that beagles are not for everyone and suggested all interested should do their homework. Anyway, they published it last Friday and I was so glad. Don't want the wrong people to run out any get our wonderful beagles unless they are willing to be responsible beagle owners who are willing to properly care for our high maintenance beagles. I would not have anything else, but some don't know what they are in for. This is the only negative to UNO....many will run out and get those precious beagle puppies. He is such a beautiful beagle and my vet even commented to me on his AROOO at the show. Go UNO!
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