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Any tricks to giving pills?

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Charlee is on several medications right now. One for his skin mites, which is liquid given with a syringe, no problem. He got a dose of Pyrantel, which does something to him that if we feed him anything but dog food, he throws up. I have an antibiotic for his ears which is capsule form and I can't get him to take it. It says to be taken with food, but I think all of these medications is affecting his appetite and he doesn't want to eat. I tried giving it to him with a scrambled egg, but he ate around it and threw up the egg anyway. For a day or so it was working to put the capsule in a piece of cheese. Now he chews up the cheese and spits out the pill. He tried chewing the pill today and it broke apart and the powder came out on the carpet so it was a wasted dose. He doesn't eat treats, pill pockets or peanut butter some I'm at a loss as to what to do. Any suggestions?
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I just open Chloe's mouth, stuff in as deep as I can, close it, rub a little, and that's that!
First, I would suggest that you give your vet a call and let them know that Charlee is not eating and ask if they want you to continue the antibiotic.
My Maggie gets a minimum of 6 pills a day, one of which is broken into halves and the halves are still quite large. I have never disguised her pills in any way when she was younger and these days I'm glad I didn't -- I would go through a bag of Pill Pockets very quickly! I just open her mouth, stick the pill into the little pocket towards the back of one side of her mouth and close her mouth until her tongue comes out (and not just peeking out). If I let Maggie open her mouth too soon, out pops the pill. Maggie has even been known to hide pills in her mouth. Our beagles are certainly clever!
Jersey takes half a pill, twice a day for her bladder control issues. In the morning I put it in her food and she eats it, no problems (usually). At night I give it to her in some peanut butter. All it takes is enough to coat the pill. I use just the tip of a teaspoon. If the pill is bigger or the dog knows it's in there, crunchy peanut butter can work to hide the pill better.
When my dogs get obstinate about taking pills, I use Chloe's Mommmy's method.
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