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Our veterinarian showed us a MARVELOUS method for subduing Kioko so we could brush her teeth. It is also a good and gentle method for establishing alpha position over your dog.

I'll try to explain. Place your dog directly in front of you and facing away from you in a seated position on a coffee table or chair...something that will place her back about waist high for you.

Lean over her body until your front is fully in contact with her back.

Take your right arm and wrap it around her chest...OVER her legs. Done properly, this will place her chest in the crook of your arm, and you can easily rest your right hand on her left shoulder.

Now take your left arm around the other side so that you can place your left hand flat and gently on her throat. She will most likely struggle. Let her. Just keep a firm grip until she settles down.

Do this every day. It's a comfortable position, and if you do it every day, it will teach her to let you be in total control of her body.

It's also an ideal position for you to hold her in so that your partner can apply the medication to her neck (or brush her teeth or what have you).

I hope I explained that well. It has worked like a CHAMP for us with Kioko.
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