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everyone - sorry been gone so long and need to keep this short since I am at work now. Here's the deal-

Remember Christine, the young lady I asked prayers for (see original post under prayers) - she was having to have a lung transplant as a result of chemo damage to her lungs following treatment (a few years ago) for cancer - which she has successfully beat. She has also had the transplant, is now in rehab and will soon be discharged altho she will still be staying in St. Louis for 2-3 months for follow-up and additional rehab.
Connection with Shiloh - when my sis & I did our first Relay for Life with Christine, Shiloh was with us - at Christine's insistence. He was maybe 3 months old at the time and Christine was around 7th grade - she is now about 20. (those are all guestimates, I'm terrible with ages and years). Anyway, Shiloh spent most of his time at the Relay on Christine's lap - she was in a wheelchair at the time because the osteosarcoma was in one of her legs which because of it's weakened condition was amputated a little over a year ago. As Christine's dad would take turns with us pushing Christine around the track, Shiloh got to ride around on her lap - almost the entire time.

Need to get bak to work - end of story - we will all be going to visit Christine at her motel on 8/9 while Shasta is at doggy daycare. I am thinking at least 2 stretch/potty breaks plus Shiloh will be wearing his Halti plus a harness and 2 STRONG leashes - probably each held by me and sis when we break - he has a bit of a reputation as an escape artist so don't want to take any chances with this. I will also be using his metal crate for him to be in which I am going to fasten down, in the car. Unless he is showing signs he really needs it, I will limit his water intake except when we stop for breaks because I don't want to much water in him that mite upset his tummy - he's never traveled this much. By the way, it is between 5-6 hours between here(Topeka, KS) and St. Louis. I know there are members here around the St. Louis area plus I have been there a few times myself - isn't the weather about the same there as it is here at that time of year - hot, humid & muggy? Ok, gotta get to work. Oh, and because of time constraints, high gas prices, impossible motel bill - this drive & short visit will all take place in 24 hours
Be bak later.......
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