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It's sure worth looking into Sandy! Whatever works! More and more studies are showing a HUGE link between gum disease and other systemic diseases in humans and dogs.

(For those with younger, healthier dogs.....Please consider adding toothbrushing to your routine at least two times per week since most of our dogs don't chew raw bones regularly)

***Please forgive me, I can't help myself.....I've preached oral hygiene for 30 years as my job***

Oh yea....the difference between plaque and tarter (or calculus) is a matter of density/maturity.
Plaque forms in mouths following a meal, and can be easily removed with a brush or any mechanical method. Tarter (calculus) is the hardened plaque that is not removed....once it hardens, you must visit the vet or dental hygienist for removal. The more frequently plaque is removed, the less tarter can form.
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