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You know we all LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE baby pics of beags!!! Ok, most of us anyhow~!

I am glad for you that you got to pick your girl out so early, and everything. I can't remember, is she pure-bred, etc? I bet her cost was kinda high$$

I do truly wish, after raising my Maggie from birth, that some of us could go thru that. To see a picture of the little doll at the young ages is wonderful, to hold her to her mother's teet is even more precious.

Anyhow-just getting moody and sentimental since Maggie is due to deliver in the next week.

Judi and the gang

Harley (the dad) :heart:
Maggie (his daughter) :hyper:
and Chopper (her boyfriend) /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif
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