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Another member of the family to introduce!

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Well today I had the day off work and wouldn't you know it, I ended up with another beagle in my pack! He doesn't have a name yet; we are giving it 24 hours to sink in then we will decide. He has very similar markings as Myra and his parents are also small beagles, so he should hopefully be a good match for her once he is grown up!

Now I have to confess, he came from a pet store. We were hoping to find a younger small beagle at the humane society as a companion to Myra, but after a while nothing turned up and she was getting lonely! So, we found this little guy at the local Petland. Of course, my first reaction was "He *must* be from a puppy mill, there is no way I can support that". Well, after asking some questions and doing some research, we found out he was bred at an accredited hunting kennel in Missouri, we were able to find info (thanks to the Internet) on his parents and the man who bred the litter. This calmed our fears a lot so we took Myra down to meet him, and they took to each other right away! So, after getting her approval, we couldn't say no any longer and brought him home right away.

Here he is with his big sister Myra, already getting the hang of snatching her toys!

We need to decide soon on his name, are there any suggestions?
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Congratulations on your new beagle. Cute the way he is taking the toy. Names are difficult, we named all 12 of our pups (from our first two beagles) but the new owners changed them. Our boys were called Osbourne (Ossi), Geoff,Max and Frodo
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