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After Franny died we decided to wait awhile before we got another beagle. But Molly took the death really hard, and went into deep depression. It completely changed her personality. About six weeks after Franny's death we decided to get another dog for Molly. We weren't exactly ready, but it was hard to watch Molly change like she did.

So off we went to meet a lady from the Georgia Humane Society. She had a beagle mix available with an amazing personality. After hearing her story, we had to see her. She was taken to the pound after she was found running down the road with her two puppies. Soon after that a hunter came and took all three of them from the pound and threw them into the back of his truck on a cold, rainy day in February. Three days later he brought them back saying that something was wrong with them. Of course being in the back of a pickup truck in February made them sick. They had kennel cough so bad they were on the verge of death, and were quarantined at the pound. When the Georgia Humane Society came to rescue some dogs the lady asked who was in the quarantine room. The pound worker said "you don't want those dogs, they're so sick they're probably not going to make it". The GHS lady insisted, and as soon as she saw the sick dogs she knew she had to save them. So she scooped them up, and over the course of the next few months nursed them back to health.

She's an amazing dog. Her and Molly became instant best friends. It's fascinating to see how Molly has become Franny, and Daisy has become Molly (so to speak). Molly is now the older, wiser teacher, and Daisy the energetic upstart. They are a sight to see, and love to play.

So, here is Daisy Mae!

Best friends forever!

Such a goofball
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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