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I am quite certain this incident took place while I was jet setting for a few weeks. So allow me to relate.

The wife called me at 5 pm est forgetting it was 5 am where I was. She informed me that she let the boys outside and both of them made a bee line for the same spot on the fence. WHY you ask? Well it seems they were checking out the 5 foot alligator who was there hissing and snarling on the other side.

Behind our house is a vacant field and then an abandoned orange grove. I have no idea where this thing came from. But what I do know, is there would have been one less Beagle on the planet had we not had the fence.

She sent me a picture of the gator from her cell phone, I will try to find it and post it. It finally went back into the orange grove. Hasn't been seen since.

However, we later found out it was gator mating season and he was looking to get giggified with a little gator hottie in the lake across the street.

The moral of this story is to get a fence to keep the gators out and to keep the Beagles in.
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