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Went to the dog park with Charlie today. Saw a beagle walking over to me, he seems very quiet not active at all, some what shy. Happened the person sat next to me is the caregiver, watching Seasus(his name) pronouce as shy us, told me that his owner adopted him from an agency who rescued him from an experimental foundation.
He was one of the experimental dog(beagles). I thought to myself OMG I thought they stop experimenting with dogs. This lady carried on saying, yes they stopped couple of years ago. Seasus is only 2 1/2, spent his puppy hood in a cage, that makes it very recent! You can do the math! So what is going on here.
Seasus just learned how to interact with other dogs, just learning how to play. The lady said he can go off leash and follows where ever you go unlike other beagles, because he doesn't know how to be a beagle. I bet he does not howl, I was overwhelmed and forgot to ask.
He is sweet as can be, loved to be patted, scatched, massage. He is under weigh still. Oh I would love to see him again. Hoping this lady will show up and still taking care of him.
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