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Since Easter we have had 14 weekends away competing plus another 8 or so 1 day shows. The girls have been fantastic and done things that we would have only dreamt about at the start of the year.

Willow who is still very unpredictable has had 4 class wins and a lot of second places mainly in the jumping discipline. She is still not very consistent. She achieved her 1st Agility title (Bronze). Willow also moved up a grade to grade 4.

Bonnie who is now 11 is not fast enough to win on speed but her steadiness and guile have won her a couple of classes and she has picked up a lot of good placings mainly in the Agility discipline. She has also moved up a grade to grade 4 and gained her second Agility Title (Silver).

Rasha has really come on this year. She has won 4 classes been highly placed in several other classes including a second place in a Grand National Final. She also has gained her first Agility Title (Bronze) and has also won into Grade 5. If she wins into grade 6 she can compete in National tryouts for the UK national team.

All in all the girls have done themselves; us and Beagles in general vary proud.

We have lots of people coming up to us at shows who are amazed how well Beagles work, they all say they enjoy watching the Beagles run because they love doing agility so much.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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