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Howdy, I know its been a long time since i have posted anything and figured i would share with and discuss with you something that i have been noticing.

I work as a delivery man, and as such i get to talk to alot of people. I meet all sorts of characters through out my travels and many if not most of them are nice people.

On my travels i have encounterd a few people that own beagles. Most of them are wounderful friends to there beagles. Unfortunately i have met a few other dog owners, that do not treat there beagle/hunting hounds right. These guys keep there beagles/hunting hounds in a kennel all year long, only going in to clean up and feed them and vet checks. Only bringing the beagle/hunting hound out of its prison, is when there going hunting. I asked them, why he dosent spend more time his beagle/hound and treat him as a pet and family member, and they say that they make bad pets, or i get some variation of you never treat them like pets. Then they tell me that they have a house dog for pet duties. Usually one of the easy to train breads like shepards and labs and what not.

These are decent people i think, but this situation sickens me and it seems that, for every good hunter, that loves his beagle, and keeps them for pets the rest of the year, i keep running into more that treat there beagles/hunting hounds in the same horrid manner.

I intend to hunt my Newt(Newton is his long name lol, gonna get him a brother and name him Fig.) but hunting is only his part time job. He is first and foremost my buddy.

This is especialy hitting home for me, seeing as right now he has been banished to his kennel. I came home from work one day and both my parents and my wifes parents had come over and basicly had a intervention. My wifes parents told me and my wife that its wrong and unclean and un healthy to keep dogs indoors, and that they chew on everything. My parents then launched into there anti indoor dog settiment, basicly saying the same thing. My mother said how her parents had indoor animals and there was hair and stink everywhere and it disgusted her. I dont remember it being bad, seing as i stayed there 3+months out of the year.

TO make matters worse, my dads diatribe was the final nail in the coffin of Newts indoor home life. He basicly said all dogs are wild creatures and that they can just snap and attack for no reason. That having him indoors with my 2 very young children is dangerous, because "they go for the face and the throat, there viscous they'll just rip your kids apart." when they attack. Then my mom says, Id hate to see something happen to my grand kids. He basicly made it sound like it was just a matter of time before Newt attacked My 3yr old or 1.6 year old.

Tho he has never done anything aggressive twords my kids, even tho they are very rough with him.

I guess my anger and rage at the hunters mistreating there dogs, is because of my current situation, were my contact with him is limited to walks and our outdoor times. I am saddend at my situation and angered at the poor souls that arnt loved by the hunters that use them.

I know ill eventually work out my situation, im currently saving for a Invisifence, which im told will give him much more freedom. Ill be pairing the fence with a good trainer, that has degrees in animal behavior and is experianced with inground fencing systems and training. While i know some of you dont trust your beagles alone all day with a invisi fence, the only way ill know if it works for him is to use it. So stay tuned for a report on that.

Tho my situation is temporary, i feel for the poor dogs who will most likely spend there whole lives in their kennel, only to be released to hunt a few weeks a year.

Any thoughts about this and the original topic are appreciated.
Since millions of people keep dogs as indoor house pets, and have their children grow up with them, your parents' and inlaws' opinions are just OPINIONS. Please don't let them deprive you, your children and Newt of the family experience that they deserve. Dogs are certainly not wild, any more than humans are, though there are some breeds that are closer to it than others! They have been domesticated house pets for thousands of years. And I've seen way dirtier pet-free households than my own with 5 dogs. My sister raised her three girls with a houseful of dogs and the dogs were more socialized and chill than most.
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