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anal glands?

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Hello all,

Just trying to see if I can get some word of advice for our current situation*

Ever since yesterday, Bianca has been letting out some not so good smelling liquid out of her rear-end. Very fishy smell that is pretty putrid. It isn't a lot of liquid, more like some drops. I looked online and it seems that she is emptying her anal glands? Yikes.

Anyone have experience with this? Any remedies?

Thanks in advance.
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^^ Yes - bigger and firmer poops definitely help express the anal glands without the need for human interference! Increasing fibre in the diet is a good idea to accomplish this.
Then I can be hopeful my beagle will not have this issue. There are days I'm amazed at what he produces in the yard, LOL. He's definitely on the "bigger and firmer poops" end of the spectrum... I'm a little afraid my neighbors will think a human is going #2 outside sometimes, hahaha.

Seriously, though, I've read about the anal gland thing and I really do pray he doesn't have constant problems with them. It would result in lots of vet visits, there's no way I could do it on my own. :eek:
It costs us about $50, but it's probably cheaper anywhere other than Santa Barbara. :giggle:

Our young beagle Jack took to rubbing his butt on the floor, like they do when they have worms. The vet said no worms, but glands that needed expressing. :cry:
$50? and I thought things were expensive in Hawaii.

I got a Living Social deal, and we took Hailey in for her birthday. The lady said it would normally cost us $24 for the regular pack + $14 for the deluxe pack that added blah blah blah and gland pinching.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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