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anal glands?

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Hello all,

Just trying to see if I can get some word of advice for our current situation*

Ever since yesterday, Bianca has been letting out some not so good smelling liquid out of her rear-end. Very fishy smell that is pretty putrid. It isn't a lot of liquid, more like some drops. I looked online and it seems that she is emptying her anal glands? Yikes.

Anyone have experience with this? Any remedies?

Thanks in advance.
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That is one thing I don't mind paying the vet for!! Gag. Plus a few times there have been infections involved that needed meds. Molly only had the issue once when we first got her from the shelter but has been fine since. I always feed them mostly dry food and that helps to push out the ick.
Anal glands are always one of my favorite topics!!
That is when we know we love them - even if they poo butt!
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1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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