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Anal Gland Question

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What does the anal gland discharge look like?
Can it be kind of goopy (like clear snot) and/or have a yellow tint to it?

Does it smell like butt?

We were sitting on the couch watching NCIS when Abby got up and twirled herself around and I felt a wet spot on the couch and noticed another one that she started licking at. They stunk horribly!

I looked to see where it came from and I couldn't tell. Neither part looks infected, irritated, or anything else.

Should I call her vet tomorrow? She's acting fine, and has been fine all day today. Though she did seem uneasy right after this happened.

It got on my arm and on my leg, I've already taken a shower and it still smells
I read online that alcohol will help remove the smell so I'm going to try that. Luckily we had a couch cover on and that's in the washer now.

Her area still smells too.

And no, she hasn't been scooting, licking her butt incessantly.
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I dont know if it's just arty's but to me, his anal gland expressions smell like.. dead flesh with a very fishy odor to it - it smells worse than poo. Its a very strange odor that goes into your nose and kind of stays there. blech!

Also, i wear latex gloves because i express them anally and the mixture between the latex and the anal gland expression smells is horrendous.

I am a student nurse and last year we had to help change a surgical dressing on a man with a very large tumor. If you have ever smelled a tumor (thats open and exposed, not under the flesh) you'll know it smells really really bad . . but I remember that day I was thinking that anal gland expression is even worse.
my friends daschunds have to have it expressed all the time too. Its common, not a big deal.
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