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Anal Gland Question

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What does the anal gland discharge look like?
Can it be kind of goopy (like clear snot) and/or have a yellow tint to it?

Does it smell like butt?

We were sitting on the couch watching NCIS when Abby got up and twirled herself around and I felt a wet spot on the couch and noticed another one that she started licking at. They stunk horribly!

I looked to see where it came from and I couldn't tell. Neither part looks infected, irritated, or anything else.

Should I call her vet tomorrow? She's acting fine, and has been fine all day today. Though she did seem uneasy right after this happened.

It got on my arm and on my leg, I've already taken a shower and it still smells
I read online that alcohol will help remove the smell so I'm going to try that. Luckily we had a couch cover on and that's in the washer now.

Her area still smells too.

And no, she hasn't been scooting, licking her butt incessantly.
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Yeah, this was NOT pee and it had a really noticeable, really bad odor to it. That's really the only reason I think it was anal gland.

No, she has never had to have her anal glands expressed.
So Matthew does this sound like an anal gland thing to you?

This is the first time this has ever happened, do you think it will happen again?

I told Judy that very few things gross me out. Part of my criminal justice course was looking at brains splattered on walls, fatal automobile accidents, dismemberment and other atrocities of human nature, as well as blood, baby puke, diarrhea, stitches, child birth...you name it, and I don't even bat an eye...but OMG this smell....aaaaaaccccccccccccccck!
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Thanks Jen, that makes me feel better!

Well far as going potty...she had signaled to go out but we were in the middle of a thunderstorm so she didn't get to go. Think that could have contributed to her releasing where she did?
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