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Anal Gland Question

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What does the anal gland discharge look like?
Can it be kind of goopy (like clear snot) and/or have a yellow tint to it?

Does it smell like butt?

We were sitting on the couch watching NCIS when Abby got up and twirled herself around and I felt a wet spot on the couch and noticed another one that she started licking at. They stunk horribly!

I looked to see where it came from and I couldn't tell. Neither part looks infected, irritated, or anything else.

Should I call her vet tomorrow? She's acting fine, and has been fine all day today. Though she did seem uneasy right after this happened.

It got on my arm and on my leg, I've already taken a shower and it still smells
I read online that alcohol will help remove the smell so I'm going to try that. Luckily we had a couch cover on and that's in the washer now.

Her area still smells too.

And no, she hasn't been scooting, licking her butt incessantly.
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It could be a latent UTI. Chloe had it, it was clear gooey discharge. Left wet spots too. If she is not bothered with it, I would let it go and keep an eye.
If it's her glands, she will try to rub her butt on the floor.
not that I remember, and I think I sniffed it to see if it's pee.

Oh god, I'm turning into a Beagle

Has she ever needed her glands expressed?
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Jersey had a latent UTI once, and while the description of the fluids is the same, the stink is not. I've had the unfortunate pleasure of having both Amber and Jersey release their anal glands on me. To me, that's what sounds like happened with Abby. If you took a shower and the smell is still there, it's from her anal glands. The smell is unmistakable. Just because she released her glands, it doesn't mean that there is something wrong. They may have just been full and ready to go. Of all the times it's happened to me (4 so far), there were never any further issues. It usually happened right after they came in from going potty. Like pooping loosened them and it just took some time for them to release. I offer you my condolences. LOL!
Usually they release their anal glands when they poop, so if they needed to be expressed and she was holding it, I suppose it's a possibility.

BTW, I've actually just thrown away clothes that had gotten expressed on as the smell never really came out. It could have been a psychological thing though. LOL!
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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