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Quote:Originally posted by Houndlove:
So I'm not the only one who deals with this?
Definitely not! If you search back in the forums for "anal gland" (such a lovely search term - I warn from bitter experience not to just google it without quotes or "dog" or something - it just turns up WAY too many things I didn't want to know about!) I'm sure you will find many, many useful threads about all sorts of related issues from the pumpkin to the last resort of surgery (which we have had to have with two of our three).

We did have the "squirt something in there" treatment for one of our dogs - it did help with the particular infection he had that one time, but they continued to get infected again and again and eventually the vet warned that if we didn't have them removed and they got scarred from all of the infections it could mean that the risk of complications (the lovely "fecal incontinence") could go way up. At that point we had them removed and he has never looked back (or smelled again back there, for that matter)!

And for fibre we never tried the canned pumpkin although we did hear about it. We used instead a Canadian food called Medi-Cal Fibre Formula with very good results - it makes the poop very, very firm and does help somewhat - although all we found was that it helped us go longer between squeezes as opposed to making the problem go entirely away. I don't know how widely it is available but lots of vets in Canada do sell it, at least.

Good luck and don't forget to search back in the forums.
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