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I have a little problem regarding my dogs ACK papers.

The story is:
I got a dog from a breeder this January that just passed. He was returned to the breeder by a friend that came across a situation that made them unavailable to care for him any longer. The breeder originally got him from another breeder in the States. He is registered with the ACK. The breeder changed over his papers to the friends name when he was adopted. But when he came back to the breeder, his papers did not. The friend of the breeder is claiming that the registration papers cannot be found and is concerned that perhaps the young children might have gotten to it and who knows what happened to them.

When I went to go pick up my new dog in January, the breeder told me that the previous owner said they were going to send back his papers so they can be changed to my name.

Since I was told that when I already drove about 2 hours to get him, I figured okay I will take him then and wait for the paperwork to be switched to my name and be mailed to me.

The breeder I originally got him from and I are still in contact. But now it seems that the so-called friend is MIA. They won't return any calls any longer and so forth.

The only thing the breeder has is his pedigree papers. They are being mailed to me and I should be receiving them any time now.

Also, I am concerned about the fact that I don't know who the dogs previous owners are. They could be some sort of crazy people who might turn around and say that I stole their dog or something horrible like that.

Is there anything the breeder and I can do to get a hold of his ACK papers? I would really like to have them since he is now in my care.

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hmm that does sound alittle sketchy..not gonna lie, if you have the dog's pedigree papers you can directly look up his lineage on the akc website, you might even be able to contact them directly explain the situation etc. along with the breeder you are still in contact and see if they can do the transfer for you.

That's how i would approach it.
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