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Am I Anal?

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I had to use that subject title!
You have got to hear the day I had. I worked midnights and got home at 7:30 am to a screeming Beagle. He would not move or eat anything. He kept trying to catch his tail. I instantly knew he was having anal gland issues. So... I grabbed my latex gloves and vaseline and made a nice make shift exam table out of my kitchen table and proceeded to go in. I extracted his glands and some of the fluid went on the floor which my 2 labs decided to lick up :pukey: .
After that I cleaned off Spencer and placed him back on the floor, and within minutes he started screaming again running at his tail again! So I picked him back up and went in again and found 2 HUGE rocks and got them out. I let Spencer outside and he was still in pain, he looked like he was in agony still. I was thinking of taking him to the vet but wanted to wait a little bit too see if the rock pulling and anal squishing helped. He might of just needed a rest.
A little later he was squatting and trying to go potty but nothing was coming out so I proceeded to go back in and check for more rocks. there was nothing that I could find. I decided to give him a little "warm water" enema and within seconds he took the biggest poopie ever!!!! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif
After about 30 minutes he was all back to himself again. Eating, playing and being a Beagle butt boy!
Sometimes I feel like I should be paid for all I do for my furkids.
I think Spencer appreciates how I take care of him. Everytime he is sick he is right in my face letting me know that I need to make him all better, and I always do!
My day in a nuttshell.. with no sleep!
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You're a brave, brave woman. I wouldn't have had a clue where to even start. We would have been off to the vets. All I can say is better you than me!
Spencer is one lucky pup! I'm sure he appreciates your effort. Bagel and I are also impressed.

oh but you do get paid, but in a very different way. you have the love of your furkids, and the respect of your fella forum members.$$ cant buy that.

im glad your beagle baby is back to tip-top.
i wouldnt have known what to do in that case either, but you did and things sound all better now. :thumbup: :thumbup:
Becky, It's awesome that you were able to take care of Spencer like that without a trip to the vet. I'm sure he is very grateful.
In the event that something like that happens to one of mine, what "rocks" are you referring to?? With money tight I like to use as many resources that I can to care for my dogs myself. I hope Spencer is still doing well!
Strewth /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif what a day you've had.

I'm assuming by rocks you mean he had swallowed some, they had passed through but got stuck in his bowels and caused an obstruction so he couldn't poop.

I've had to "go in" with Lilly before. She was always eating things that caused obstructions like stones and telephone cables. :rolleyes:
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Wow...good detective and other kinds of work. Rocks! And an enema. I would never have thought of that.

Your subject is very timely...Henry has an appointment for a "butt treatment" this morning. Again. His anals have become a chronic source of discomfort for him even when they are not full. I try buy I can't express them so I put warm,wet compresses on his "area" which seems to give him comfort buy doesn't last.

So today at the vet, they will express and if not full, give him an antiiflamatory shot and tell me again to have him loose weight. Hopefully, he has lost some by now.

Good work there, SpencersMom!
Wow, Becky, I am so impressed! There you are, expressing anal glands (lucky you with labs doing a clean up!), extracting rocks, giving Spencer an enema!! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif I wouldn't have had a clue how to do all that! You're Spencer's hero(ine)!!
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You are much braver than I am. I have NO experience with that so, for fear of huring her I wouldn't even try it. I'd be looking for a vet /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif or pop on here to ask "my dog is constipated what do I do?"

Many, many kudos to you!
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Wow! That sums it up right there. Wow!
I would be rushing Caesar to the vet because I would have no idea what to do. You did it all, and he let you! An enima? Wow!
You are amzaing. Spencer is very lucky to have you. You impress me. I , like the others, would have rushed him to the vet. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif You are an awesome mom!!! :thumbup:
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I concur with everyone and say how brave you are! I might have tried to do an exam, but wouldn't have made it past the expressing. Exactly how did you administer this enema?
Ditto on the WOW! Spencer is one lucky fella to have such a talented mom!
Thanks guys! Frank is also grateful for my expertise in mending our furkids.
I went to grooming school and A'd the class work which consisted on diseases etc... Spencer has always been a problem child since the day we got him. His epilepsy, eating rocks, eating poop, aspiration pheumonia etc..... After spending thousands of dollars on him I thought I'd better take care of him myself.
I seem to always know what is wrong with my dogs and what to do to fix it.
I had to go in manually with Spencer before due to his rock eating habit which I thought was over with! Apparently not. Our vet said at that time that I should consider being a vet and that I did a wonderful job, plus we saved over $1000 from having them surgerically removed!
I never let him go outside alone anymore since he eats almost anything he can get his mouth around. He loves to eat poop and he always gets very sick and once landed in the ER for 2 days in a O2 tank with apiration pheumonia. What a nightmare that was.
It is kind of scarey when you know your dogs so well.
Frank thinks sometimes I am nuts. I keep reminding him how much money we are saving with me taking care of their health issues.
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Laxmobster- regarding the enema... We have 2cc syringes in the house for valium for Spencer if he starts having multiple seizures.
The vet also gave me a bunch of small plastic tubing that I cut into 1/2 inch pieces and attach it to the syringe.
For the enema I use a little warm water and put some vaseline on the plastic tubing and slowly insert into his bottom and slowly inject the warm water and within minutes he is pooping.
It works like a charm!
i dont know how true this is but ive heard several times over the yrs that the reason dogs/cats ect ect eat strange things is because theres a nutrient their body is missing and needs. its just an instinct for them. might want to check into a good multi vitiman.
you are way better than me ...I know that I could have never even begun to do all that. Sammy would never even let me get that close to her rear end. I'm glad that she has never had any trouble expressing her own glands and have never had to help her !!

You are one special beagle mom Becky !!!
Quote:Originally posted by SpencersMOM:
I had to go in manually with Spencer before due to his rock eating habit which I thought was over with!
I'm somewhat afraid to ask but here goes... exactly how does one "go in manually" to extract rocks from a dog?!? Is there some sort of implement that is used, or just your fingers?

Regardless, I'm just in awe - I even have trouble watching the anal glands being expressed by someone else!
ricksconnected- Spencer is on the best diet any doggie could hope for. He gets home cooked food mixed with Innova EVO. Plus fresh veggies and fish, chicken and other meats for treats. Believe me, he has no vitamin deficency. My vet said that dogs will eat rocks or other things not edible out of bordom. Spencer likes to play and if my other 2 labs are not in the mood Spencer gets an attitude, which is probably when he eats the rocks.

Booker- Yep, the fingers do all the work. I have very long skinny fingers. You have to be very careful not to rip the colon. I use vaseline and make sure Spencer is 100% comfortable before "going in"! He needs to be standing up straight and tail up!!!!
Becky you are a hello of a woman! I have always heard of those anal gland things but never experienced it with any of my Chihuahuas. I hope to never have to worry about the Twins either.

And for the record my Twins eat almost mulch as they do real food. Instead of it coming out the correct end, they usually throw it up if they get too much fiber that day.
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