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Aloha from Hawaii

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Hello All,

I just made the decision last Friday to welcome a new four-legged friend into my house. I set out with plans that day to look at a Beagle & then onto a Brittany Spaniel/English Pointer mix. And as my presence here clearly indicates, I didn't make it any farther than the Beagle!

I can tell already that I'm going to have my hands full with this one, but I'm more than up to the challenge. Mauka's very smart, but equally as stubborn. I can also tell that this is a great place to get some info on his breed, so I look forward to talking to all of you.
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Aloha! (
sorry, couldn't resist...)

Welcome to BW from Henry and Yodel and I (Denise).

Sounds like you are a recent beetle convert...you won't be sorry. Something about those faces and those personalities are just irresistable.

Would love to hear more about Mauka.
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btw... I'll throw in some pics of Mauka as soon as I can.
Aloha and welcome to BW! Having a Beagle can be a challenge sometimes but the love they give back is worth it all. I can't wait to hear more about Mauka and see some pictures. We love pictures around here.
i'm lovin all the different names!

congrats on your decision and welcome
can't wait to see pics
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Howdy, welcome to beagle World. A big ole welcome arrooo to Mauka. Beagles are intelligent but they are not stubborn. The were bred to be independent thinking scenthounds and therefore they evaluate human requests (With other breeds we’d call them commands) and respond accordingly. This is often viewed as them being stubborn but if you think like a beagle they are easy to train and teach. They were also bred to be pack oriented and you are now Mauka’s pack so pleasing you is also part of Mauka breeding. Praise and/or rewards work wonders. Scolding and negative reactions on reinforce the “stubborn” label. They are however ruled by their noses so some things like 100% recall are just not possible. The most important thing is patience but since they love to please, they can learn anything from coach-potato loving to agility. Think of Mauka as a loveable challenge and you’ll do great!
Aloha and
Hawaii was where my love affair with beagles began when a friend gave me a beagle/doxie puppy.
That was 35 years ago, and there's been a beagle or beagle mix in our home ever since. Can you say addictive?
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We are so glad you found BW. There is a wealth of information here. And of course we love pictures.
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Hello and welcome to the pack!!! You will love it here. Would love to hear more and see some of Mauka's pics....
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Welcome!! Can't wait to see pics of Mauka!
to you both. Looking forward to stories and pics of Mauka. BTW, what does 'Mauka' mean?

Pat and Boeing
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Welcome to Beagle World.
Hello and welcome to you and Mauka! How nice to have someone from Hawaii

Daisy sends Arrooos!!

Can't wait to see pics!!

Monica and Daisy
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Beagles can be a challenge, but even so, you'll have a ton of fun with Mauka! My Luigi, a pup, is 6 months old and my only regret is we didn't get sooner him than we did.

So again, welcome Byrdman and Mauka, and I'm looking forward to seeing some pics of the bagle!
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Thanks to all for the warm welcome. Mauka, which is Hawaiian for mountain, is 8 weeks old and went to the vet today for the first time. He was said to be a longer legged beagle which will be good for our afternoon runs when he gets older. And he's completely free of parasites, fleas and worms.

One thing of note was that he has an extra toe on both of his rear feet. They're similar to dew claws, but are actually on the lower part of his rear feet, closer to his normal toes. I plan on having them removed when he gets a bit older.

He also has folds in both of his ears. Does anyone have any experience with this? I noticed it the night after I bought him and I've never seen anything quite like it before. Mauka won't sit still long enough for me to get good pics to post on here. I'll try to sneak some while he's sleeping if anyone is curious enough. I asked the vet if it was something I should worry about and he wittily responded with there's nothing wrong if they're both the same! And said to make sure that I pay special attention to them for parasites/hygiene.

The quirks don't make me love him any less. If anything, it makes him even more special to me. However, I am pretty upset with myself for not inspecting him better. And I'm unbelievably upset with the seller for not mentioning either of the issues prior to buying him (which is a substantial amount in Hawaii) and I'm curious if anyone knows of any way to report them. I've tried several phone calls to the seller to seek an explanation with no response, which leads me to believe that they were obviously aware of these issues and are avoiding me. Mauka has papers through UKC, so should I report the seller to them?

Either way, here are some pics of my beautiful Symmetrically Perfect Beagle!

Check out Mauka's Mohawk! Isn't that the coolest marking ever?


Sleepy time

Sorry for the novel, but yall wanted some info on Mauka and you got it!
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to BW. I'm so glad you found us. Mauka is gorgeous! I love the name. It's very unique and I like unique names

He looks so cute on the third picture, I could eat him!

Oh and don't worry about the folds in his ears. That's normal for beagles.
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I'm not sure of the folds in his ears. I think all dogs have them. I'm assuming you are referring to the back of the ear, where there is a little pocket! I always checked it for parasites (ticks and such) and when I clean Chloe's ears, I check there too. I think it's cute and often play with her ears...

About the extra toes.... heck - if it doesn't bother him..... however, if you are planning on removing them - I would do it sooner than later - easier on their recovery, I think.

He is GORGEOUS!!!! I think he looks perfect and I don't see where the long legs come into the picture. He looks like Chloe did to me (height wise) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of him sleeping on the duck
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Much aloha to you both - and thanks for the great pictures! Mauka is terribly cute.
Very nice pictures. Mauka is an adorable little puppy, just like my Zbój (wich means Bandit in Polish
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to BW! Mauka is just adorable. The extra toes are interesting -- I would be curious to know if other pups in his litter have the same thing. If the extra toes wouldn't cause any health issues as he grows, I would lean towards just leaving him as he is -- precious!
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