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Popcorn started obsessively scratching at her face with her paws over a year ago. It got progressively worse and by this past summer she had bleeding gums and was starting to lose the fur around one eye.

The vet prescribed a three step process. Step one was to try her out on drugs to see if it knocked it away for good. I can't remember what it was called (something with Prednisone in it). The drug seemed to help a lot at first but as we weaned her off of it the scratching came right back (and she was peeing EVERYWHERE while on the drug).

Step two was then to try an ultra low allergen dog food (Prescription Diet Z/D) to see if the allergy was food based. That worked. Within days the scratching was gone and hasn't come back for over three months. After the initial period of absolutely nothing else (treats were just part of the kibble), we have slowly introduced some corn/wheat free treats which have not caused any problems so far. I'm sure there are other foods we could use instead, but for now we are keeping with what is working - although in order for Popcorn not to gain weight she is having to eat a miniscule amount of the food and even so is not losing any... that is unfortunate.

Step three, if step two hadn't worked, was to try to figure out what else the allergy might be caused by - as if it wasn't food based it must be environmental. But we didn't have to go there, thankfully.
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