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Gosh I feel for you...even if it is a little bit funny (LOL!)

My situation is nowhere near what you've been through, it just shows their willfullness at times. My two have a bout of giardia which includes the runny diarhea. My Bella (who came from a puppy mill and lived outside in the Michigan snow 365 days a year unprotected until 6 months ago when I rescued her) had a bout of diarhea and I could see her go outside and then she came inside and wham = diarhea all over my kitchen area rug.

Now they have indoor/outdoor access ALL DAY AND NIGHT and for cripes sake she lived OUTSIDE FOR THREE YEARS, but she needed a cushy rug to do rest her tush on while dribbling I guess. She'd never been inside a house of any kind before 6 months ago so it's not like she isn't used to the outside. Little princess!!

The rug is gone needless to say...

Hope your guy is OK soon.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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