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Second time around, today I took Charlie for a walk. He lunged at cars as they pass by us.

He was really upset with them, especially the motorcycle. I tried giving commands, sit, no, shhh, quiet. Nothing worked. So I knelt down held him tight calming him at the same time. Talked to him like a child, its OK, they are only cars. Patting him pointing to each car as they drove by. People started to stare, some laughed. I didn't care, I knelt there and talked to him for over 5 minutes, calming him.
To my surprise, it worked! He walked the rest of the journey with no hassle.
So now somebody tell me please, after 3 years he started this panic again? He was like this when he was small when I first got him 14 weeks old. I did the same thing, stood at the corner of the street and just let him watched the cars swooped by.
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