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today i was laying on the couch reading a book. sophie came up and started to lick my face, so i let her go to see what she would do. she sneakily climbed on top of me while licking my ENTIRE face, then licked all the exposed skin on my arms and hands. when she was done, she rubbed the side of her face on me a few times and laid on top of me. i let her slide because of the high cuteness factor, but normally being on the couch is a no-no. she laid on top of me for a long time. she is a total cuddle bug.
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Sounds like Menolly.
She licks our faces all the time and has a fetish for 'cleaning' our ears. Very cute, but also very slimy.

She also adores cuddling. Often when I'm on my computer she'll climb right into my lap.
I let her sleep on my bed every night, and it's gotten so she'll curl up on the hollow I make when I sleep on my side...now I can't sleep without her! Occasionally she'll climb into my lap when I'm sitting cross-legged and rest her head on my thigh. She loves doggie hugs, to, and when I carry her she lets me carry her like a baby (belly-up)or like a toddler (supporting her rump, one paw on my shoulder, the other resting against me). I love her cuddling and can't help but give in when she wants to be a sweetie.
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