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Sadie has been getting up at 4 or 5 a.m. several days this week to throw up. Just a liquidy stuff (sorry). And several days during the week during the day we will find a throw up here and there on the carpet. Friday morning she did it again, and threw up. I just happened to be watching her and noticed something in it. It was a small piece of plastic. I got it with a papertowel and washed it off to identify it. It is a piece off the bubble card where you punch out a Benydryl pill. I had given them Bendryl a while back and I cut the pill out because I can't seem to ever get the pill to come out easy. It had sharp edges. I called her vet and they asked questions. She is acting fine, eating and pooping fine except for these throw up incidents. They said to give her Pepto Bismal and watch her for a few days. No throw up today. Pooh Bear threw up yesterday, all of his food. He takes an anti-inflamatory pill and I wonder if it is bothering his tummy. Anyway, just wanted for you to all remind me what to feed for upset tummies?

cooked rice
boiled chicken
Pumpkin (but I doubt they would eat that

They both have appetites and are acting normal. Pooh Bear just went outside and ate some grass but didn't throw up.

thanks all
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