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Well, 20 hours is a LOT of time...8 hours ok..I left my Snoopy in the crate for 12 hours and he would pee too...he just had to go...i really think he just has to pee, esp since he is going by the door..that is a good thing, b/c he knows he needs to go out, that is your clue...lucky you have it!

Marbles walks around the door to go out, and I had just peed him, but he doesnt pee all the way...so he pees in front of the door which is wood so he thinks it is like outside..but he is getting better.

CAn you get a dog walker? 8 hours is the max Ill go with my dogs, otherwise we take them to day care...Snoopy is terrified of other humans or we would use a dog walker.

I think this is normal, esp since he is going by the door...that just tells you that he needs to go.

Good luck

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