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ADVICE PLEASE? Beagle? Walker? Foxhound?

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Hello All fellow Beagle lovers!
To be honest I joined b/c I'm on a rainy day mission to figure out what my pup really is? I know this is often discussed but I thought I may find better opinions here!
So here's the story.
We got our "Beagle" from a person who bought her from a "AKC Beagle breeder" At time of purchase she did not have the papers on her as she said she never went to get them. Now I would think the breeder had them but I've never had a pure bred, always rescue dogs.
When I asked her later for breeder info, she said she deleted it after she sold Sammy to us.
Someone stopped as we were walking and asked if she was a walker. I said a what, no, a beagle. He said, I've seen enough walkers in my life, that's a walker. So I go home to research....NOW I'm almost totally convinced she is a walker and not beagle. She's 15" at 4 mo, very long and leggy, small head compared to body (kinda like a dear like appearance), and totally has a personality as described for walkers.....however there are many similarities to beagles....I know I need to wait to see her get older and grow but any advice would be appreciated!!!! Please an thanks!


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She is adorable and looks at least part beagle to me. You can actually get DNA tests done that will tell you what breed she is exactly. My Molly is pure beagle and Vazzle is a mix of what I think is basset/beagle.
Thank You, yes I agree. The 3 breeds are so similar its hard to tell with her being such a young age. I know about the DNA test just cant get to spending the money just yet. But Im a need to know person, lol, so I may get there one day! :)
Your pups are cute to! NNY where abouts? I'm at Drum :)
I never seen or heard of the walker breed but by just looking at the tail is say beagle. I believe only purebred beagles have the white tip

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I am between Albany and Saratoga in NY.
Walkers , foxhounds, harriers also have the tail with the white tip.
Dogs with white tipped tail

Walker, harrier, foxhound
This is a foxhound .
My dog is a fox hound beagle x he looks like her
Mine is a fox hound beagle cross looks like him with the long muzzle
My dog is a fox hound beagle x he looks like her
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