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My roommate just added an 8-week old border collie pup (named Callie) to my furry collection (consisting of a 4-year old beagle named Toby and an 11-year old black lab/collie mix named JAK).

I've had the lab the longest, although the beagle quickly set himself up as the alpha dog shortly after I adopted him.

The beagle and the lab manage to work things out between themselves. The lab is a lot larger than the beagle, so if the beagle gets a little too power-hungry, the lab will bark and the beagle chills out.

The problem I could use some advice on dealing with is that the beagle takes the new puppy's toys and treats and then growls at her if she comes up to retrieve them.

The beagle will even go into her crate to pull them out.

I've given both the lab and the beagle their own treats. When the lab is done, he's done and finds something else to do. When the beagle is done, he goes straight for the puppys.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. THANKS FOR READING!

Toby + JAK pictures
Callie + roommate pictures
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