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Thanks Denise. We actually had an old yellow lab who is now at the bridge .He passed 2 years ago in October at the age of 13. So we had been visiting the ARL often and when Hubby saw Hooper he said thats HIM !! We visited him everyday and when he was available to be adopted we went three hours early to be the first ones to adopt him.
The rest is history.
So from the get go we were hoping for a beach lover like a labby and were really lucky that Hooper loves the water like he does.

We guess his previous owner just left him at another ARL. We gather he had kids there because he LOVES kids ( we dont have any.He lights up around kids.We have three little nieces that love him and he is smitten with them.
Hes a great swimmer loves to play fetch , and ofcourse chase his sister the cat ! When hes on the boat he rides up in the front on the bow ....Hes soooo cute . We bring a chaise lounge cushion for him to lay onso hes nice n snug.

Im so excited to be here thanks You guys !
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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