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Winston has never had any training classes. Not for lack of trying. There is only one 'group' here that has training classes. When I called to put him some puppy classes, they wouldn't take him until he was 6 months old. So fine, I asked if we could sign up now for the first class in January. Sure, they let me give all the info on the phone and then they said they'd call when they have a class.
I was a bit reluctant about them anyway, because she did condemn me because I have a beagle and a beagle can't learn anything (HAH!)
So I learn tonight that classes have been running since last week. So I called them and they said, oh, we had so many inquiries that we couldn't take them all so we cut out the certain breeds because it would have been a waste of our time
So tomorrow I bite the bullet and consider paying twice as much for private lessons from Petsmart. That's probably the only way I can take them there because we are over an hour away so 8 weeks of classes is kind of risky with road conditions this time of year and I have to make sure someone can come with me because Winston is still a bit skittish in the van. But on the other hand it's probably worth it rather than going with the not-so-educated canine association.
So glad I have beagle world to vent!
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Very frustrating I'd be pretty cross too.. If they're such experts why have they got it SO wrong??

Our pup has the commands of sit, fetch & paw since 11 weeks old!! And she's starting to pick up the beg command although she finds this one a bit confusing!!! She just bounces on her back legs trying to grab her treat!!
I hear everything you're saying!!

Yup thought we had the cleverest pup in the planet when we mastered all those tricks but stay is a big problem especially when she knows a treat is coming.
Drop it depends on her mood, if she's in the middle of funny hour as we call it, forget it she will hold onto it for dear life.

Come is quite good she understands that pretty well but if she's off the lead in a field and gets a scent or wants to follow somebody else on their walk, the only way to get her to come to me is to turn around and walk the other way, if she thinks I'm leaving her she comes flying back.

We need to progress on from our basics too so I'll be interested to hear everyone elses advice on how's best to move on.

Kelly & Jazz
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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