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A walk in the park

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I took Caesar for a walk in a park the other day and decided to bring my camera. We're moving to Edmonton next week and I've lived my whole life in St. Albert so I was feeling a bit sad (even though the old condo to new house is only 20 minute drive). Caesar had so much fun running around and was so wet and dirty that the front seat of my truck is now covered in dirty little paw prints!

reading pee-mail

Caesar checking out the river

This one is my favorite!
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I love the second picture ... he is surveying his territory !!!
Me too on the third picture! :thumbup:
Beagles were meant to have fun and he looks as if he is having a ball.
Beautiful pictures, lucky Caesar.
Lots of snow there. We had rain today, pretty hard too. Charlie got his paws all muddy. As I was cleaning his paws, It flashed back memory of cleaning my children's feet after a walk in the rain. :biglaugh: I'm doing it all over again, only this is a furkid. Oh, this one won't sit still too just like my kids were.

Charlie mom
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