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I was away (from the computer) tending a sick mom and came back online just now. Then we'll be away for a few more days (five to be exact) as it is the annual Water Festival here in Thailand. I can be with my family and my beagle and that's the best thing!!! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif Here are some recent pictures I took and I'd like to share them with you all.

Here's Mr. Bo staring hard at me (and the camera)...

Flowers at the front gate...

And the bougainvilla in full bloom at our house...The small road in the background is where Boeing and I take our daily walks

See you all next week :wave:
Pat and Boeing

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Sorry to hear about your sick mom, I hope it isn't serious, and she's better now.

Have a wonderful festival reunion and thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures.....It's still cold here....so the flowers warmed my heart.

Hugs to beautiful Boeing. :heart:
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