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A sneaky thief

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So, in addition to the constant chewing of things (luckily, Milo prefers pencils over more expensive things like electronics ...) the biggest problem we have with Milo is his constant stealing of things (like said pencils).

Objects are one thing (and he's pretty good about giving it up when someone says "mine"), but lately he's started jumping up and stealing snacks out of my younger son's hands.

I've noticed for a while now that it seems like Milo "gets" that No. 2 son is at the bottom of our family "pack" and tries to battle him for higher status. And I'm sure the food stealing (and leg humping, which is another problem) are related to that.

Anyone else deal with this? Any suggestions? Right now we're pushing him firmly but gently off (when humping) and using a weak vinegar water solution to spray his way when he jumps up.
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Well, let me ask... He he been nuetered yet?

Also has gone to any puppy training/obedience classes. I must say, these are a must. Especially: Come, stay, down, and drop.

As for the leg hump, your son has to push him off and say NO. Firmly. He has to confirm his status in the pack too.
Not yet neutered ... probably next month. Our vet recommended doing it around 6 months. Unfortunately, our little guy gets all spazzed out when it happens and forgets what he's supposed to do. Which only reinforces Milo's behavior, I'm sure.

We haven't done the training ... My husband (who grew up raising foxhounds in Europe) thinks they're a silly "American" thing (like doggy daycare...) But lately I've been thinking about doing it anyway, and having at least the littlest son involved, if not both.
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