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We got Casie when he was 13 months old, and about 6 months after our oldest boy had to be put down. Cobi, was 7 then and we weren't sure he would want to have a mate....so we made arrangements to have them meet in the park, I took Casie and my dh took Cobi, and we just kind of walked around and let them sniff each other, and do what dogs to when they are meeting someone new who is like them. Fortunately they took to each other, and even though sometimes now they have spats like most brothers, they are close. I would strongly suggest that even though they come from the same parents....they meet first...to be sure that Shelby will take to the new dog.

As for the 8 - 5 day for them, is there a friend who could come over for awhile and let them out....that's a long day for both of them. I do leave the tv or radio on also for the boys when we aren't there...it cuts down on the isolation thing for them. I'd separate them for awhile, because you don't want to have any major battles happen when you aren't home, also then they won't learn bad habits from each other...there is time for that.

I say two are better than one, and three are better than two....but it takes planning and patience.

Good luck, post pics of them when you get the new pup.
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