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Well it has been 2 weeks since Beagle Lillie got sick and almost a week since she went to Rainbow Heaven. Her littermate, Beagle Chloe just doesn't seem right (although hubby says it is just because I want another Beagle so soon???). While I am not home during the day to see how she acts and while she does have an outdoor mate (Boxer P), she does not have a hunting mate.

Chloe does not immediately run out *to hunt* in our backyard in the mornings nor does she *hunt* in the evenings like she used to. Instead of running with Boxer P or Stray Jack she just growls at them (hubby says she is enjoying her new found alpha female role in our household).

I know it has only been a week but how long before she is my happy go lucky Beagle again???? I want another pup but am afaird with 75lb Boxer P (he would not hurt a flea but he does tend to jump a lot and step all over everything) and with the economy the way it is, I am not sure we could afford another emergency). I know there are rescues out there (Boxer P and Stray Jack are rescues) but still not sure.

So how long do Beagles mourn (if that is what she is doing)? Do their human's attitude affect that (we have been acting as normally as possible).
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