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A question about crates

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Brie is nearly to the point where we need to get a larger crate and I'm a bit worried as she is so attached to her present "boudoir". She insists on supervising when we move it from room to room and inspects it thorougly after each move(as if I would change anything in it without her permission) :biglaugh: Anyway, we're going shopping this weekend. It's not like Brie will voluntarily go in her crate, so this possessiveness amuses me, however, I doubt I will be amused if she freaks out when she realizes that she has to "break in" a new crate!
Any suggestions???

Lora&Tippi, and now Brie
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I would put the new crate next to the old one for a few days. Put her toys in it, feed her in it and reward her when she goes in it.
I bet that in a few days, she would appreciate her new "boudoir" :biglaugh:
I think so. Try having her in the crate when you are working, and if you decide to let her out, take her for a short walk before you let her roam the house. That way you will avoid accidents.
Try scheduling her being out when you take a break from work, that way you can also keep an eye on her.

BTW - post some pictures.... I want to see her.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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