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A Picture of Tippi

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Hi everyone,

Some of you asked for a picture of our Tippidog,so here she is. This is our favorite pic of her. Underneath that cocker spaniel exterior,she was all beagle! We miss her so very much!!!!

"My little dog. A heartbeat at my feet."
Edith Wharton

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It's clear that she was a special little girl. She is beautiful!

I hope that you and Ron are doing well and will soon get to a point when you can smile when you think of her instead of cry.

Thank you for posting her picture.

Wow, she is beautiful, and look how HAPPY!! That is the best part of being a doggie parent..making them have the happiest life they can...and I know you and Ron did that for her.

Our heart breaks for you so much, please keep us posted during this very hard time.

Manda, Ron, and Snoopy
Lora -- thank you so much for posting a picture of Tippi. Her happiness does radiate from her picture -- look at that smile! Please keep in touch with us.
It's obvious that Tippi was very happy and much loved. What a beautiful face. :angel:
A beautiful dog with a beutiful heart. Only a dog loved and cared for can have that show through their expression. We are very sorry for your loss. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif
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what a happy little girl she is there !!

It is obvious that she was loved during her life !!
Thank you for posting Tippi's picture Lora. She was a cutie pie. What a great smile she had. She was obviously a very happy girl. My heart goes out to you and Ron at this time. After two and a half years, I still miss my Amber. But now I think of her and smile, no more tears (well sometimes a few tears).
She was so beautiful.
What a sweet picture! I know it can be tough looking at Tippi's pictures so close after losing her, but what a happy face.... You can tell she was a well loved pup.
She truly was a beauty and a very special girl :angel:
What a beautiful little girl. Thank you for posting the picture. Our thoughts are with you.

hey. im sorry its taken so long to reply in full to you and ron on tippi's passing. i sent you guys a couple of email, that were rather short, but to the point. im just now finding out my puter isnt sending emails like it should. if you didnt get them im very very sorry.

when i got your email about tippi, i was at work.
i opened the email and was crushed. i knew by the title that it wasnt good, but i didnt expect that.
tears poured down my face and i had to excuse myself for a while. you and i have been emailing for some time now about tippi.her ups, her downs. the things you and ron were thinking and feeling as well. i still think we were winning the battle.you and ron gave tippi your best. i dont know anybody who could have done any better as puppy parents than you two. you took tippi's heath issues head on. im pround of you two. lots of folks would have given up a long time ago.
you two didnt, and i knew you wouldnt.
hard to believe a pup ive never met touched my life so deeply. funny the things dogs (animals) can bring upon us huh? tippi wont be forgotten in my world lori. if i may suggest to you and ron, please take all the time you need for your hearts to heal ok? please please find another puppy to be parents to. theres so many out there that need a good home like you and ron have. theres so many that people have tossed away out there looking and needing a good home. you two are good parents.
please think about it. if it werent for bernie, i would have never gotten over the lose of ole scooby. i promise you that. tippi was always in my prayers lori. she passed before her time i think. please think of the good times now. tippi is busy playing at the rainbow bridge. running full speed with the other animals, in fields that never end. i wonder if shes met scooby yet?

rick and bernie.
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"My little dog. A heartbeat at my feet."

your very welcome. tippi ment something to me.
i guess its because of our emailing is what brought her near to my heart. im glad to hear that the wellness was helping. it took a long time for me to find that food. bernie is still on it, and loving it. im also glad to hear you and ron have not let the passing of tippi stop you from providing the love you have/had for tippi towards another deserving fur baby.
your devotion you shared for tippi through the hardest of times is incredible.
please keep me posted on how you two are doing, and i hope im one of the first to get pics of your
soon to be newest fur baby. your welcome to keep my email address and to continue to use it. :wave:
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