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Well after posting the sad news about Harvey(Mums basset) dying a few weeks ago (thanks for all your kind thoughts, I passed them on to Mum) I am pleased to say mum could not live without a hound and so today we travelled a 300 mile round trip to fetch Dillon or her.

Dillon is a 6 year old Basset who has had an horrendous life so far. He found himself at a "shelter" in Wales, whose owners were elderly. They couldn't cope and were too proud to ask for help, eventually the RSPCA called in and found many, many dogs tied up in cages, 10 of which were Basset hounds. A basset rescue shelter took the Bassets who were in terribly condition. 9 found homes pretty much straight away but Dillon was in such a poor state that they kept him to build him up. He had been tied up in a cage and his collar had started to grow into his neck. The Basset rescue were responsible for pairing Mum up with Harvey and when she told them about his passing, they waited a few weeks before metioning Dillon.

Well, as I say we fetched him today, mum has just took him for a shampoo and clean up because he is a bit smelly, he has wobbly back legs and is a whole lot smaller than Harvey was. I think once he has settled in a few days he is going to be a really feisty character.

Mum is going to bring him round to meet out Beag kids in a while and I will try and get some photo's of him. I hope you will acccept him into our hound family as another honorary beag /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

Lisa & Andrew
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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