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I can hardly beleive that in exactly five days, I will have had Menolly for a whole month!
Sometimes it seems like we've had her forever!

In a month, we have learned her quirks, which include: 'prancing' as she walks, having a fetish for dirt and rocks, following her nose all the time, snoring, being a casual eater (a Beagle NOT obsessed with food!?!?), and just plain being hillarious. She dislikes baths, being seperated from us, having a late meal, and watching us eat our meals. She likes chasing the cat, Pupperonis, cheese, sleeping on the furniture, 'zoomies', cuddling, stealing anything she can, and licking us to death.

She has learned quite a few things as well, including: sitting and 'waiting' patiently for her meals, 'sit', 'down', 'come', and 'sit pretty', which she does almost automatically whenever she sees me with a treat.
What she needs work on: 'Off',
'give', 'heel', 'wait', and 'stay'. She's doing fairly well with house-training; if the doggie door is open, she uses it reliably. She likes her crate well enough to nap there occasionally and chew a little.

In a month, she has yet to howl, but she has barked, whined, and 'grunted' at us like a little pig.

In short, she has been the most affectionate, funny, amazing, quick-learning, vocal dog we've ever had, and I can't imagine life without her. She's filled the dog void in my life, and I love her to death. I'm now officially addicted to Beagles. So is practically the whole house, for that matter! I honestly don't think I'll ever own another breed of dog...except maybe a Lab or two.
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