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What an eventful morning for Beasley yesterday morning. A little scary, but I think we're all OK.

When I got up in the morning, I noticed that Beasley had a little accident in her crate (it was my fault for giving her too many treats last night). So straight up to the bath we went.

Beasley loves her baths, so before I could even turn the water on, she jumped up on the side of the tub, then slipped in, landing right on her face. When she got up and looked at me, it looked almost like her jaw had popped out of place, and was a little off to the right side. Not drasticly, but still very frightening. She gave a wide yawn, and it kind of popped right back in....Of course I was really scared that she had broken her jaw.

I kept testing her jaw all morning long with her chew toys, food, and treats....Everything seemed normal. She was super energized yesterday, and nothing seemed out of place, so I'm thinking that she is just fine (thank God they are so resiliant).

We do have our monthly vet visit this week for some shots, so I'm going to have the vet check out her jaw just to make sure there is nothing wrong.

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Boy, that does sound scary! Hopefully, both you and Beasley have recovered just fine. Having to give Maggie baths the last couple of weeks, I know how slippery the tub can be. I bought a special mat to put on the bottom of the tub but, after a couple of slips off the rim, realized that a towel on the rim was a necessity. Of course, it gets quite wet but it definitely helps with those slips. If you are going to continue to bathe Beasley at home, you might want to try that.
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