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A jumper he is not

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Cobi, my 7 year old beagle, is a jumper. He has the ability of an Olympic high jumper, but is not always too bright about what he jumps up to get. Yesterday he jumped up on a bar stool and over shot the seat, we weren't home, but the chair was tipped over and Cobi was limping slightly. We've learned to put DMSO on his hip or back injuries and keep him isolated from jumping on the couch or bed, by helping him up...using a stairs that my dh made for the older dog (RIP). But does anyone have any ideas on how to keep this pup on the ground. We are now moving things around, just to keep him grounded...but I have my doubts as to if that is going to work.


Cathy J
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Weights around his ankles

Seriously now, I have no suggestion for you apart from confining him to a room when you are not home.

I hope he feels better soon.
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Duke is a jumper, too, but luckily he is really good at it and has never injured himself.

I have no ideas unless, like Eleanor said, you can confine him to an area with no obstacles. Good luck and hope he feels better.
Banjo is also a jumper. He's a small little puppy and thinks he can take 3-4 foot leaps off the bed. He also likes to climb his crate to get to higher areas.
Pooh Bear was a jumper when he was younger. We used to call him Elevator Man. He seemed to fly effortlessly up onto anything he wanted. Unfortunately, he didn't always watch to be sure he had a safe landing pad and would fall sometimes.

I would continue to move things around so your little jumper doesn't jump up on things that aren't stable or safe.
Jersey is a jumper too. She's pretty accurate though and so far hasn't hurt herself. (KNOCK WOOD!).

I've seen a harness at Petsmart that is supposed to keep dogs from jumping. It keeps them from being able to stretch themselves out to jump up. You may want to look into something like that.
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