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okay, first of all, don't worry. He is only 9 weeks old, you can manage it!
Crating - do it gradually. Feed him in the crate, put his toys in it, play with him in the crate a little. When he goes there willingly and without being asked, treat and praise. Than tell him go to bed (or something) and put him in it, treat and praise. a few times like that. then close the gate for a second, open, treat and praise. You get the point. This is desensitization (sp?). You should repeat each step many times, until you are sure Banjo is comfortable with it, and move to the next step.
He'll get there.

The food. I just followed the weight on the bag. Check the age and weight of the puppy chart. This would be the portion for a day. At Banjo's age - it should be split 3 times for the 3 meals.
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