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I was in such a similar situation! My boyfriend and I are Totti's owners. My boyfriend had a few dogs when he was younger but bad luck with them so didn't have them for very long, and Totti is my first dog. So I guess you could consider us first time owners as well!

Based on my own personal experience with Totti, he grew out of the teething stage rather quickly. To help ease his pain, we bought the soft bone toys you soak with water and freeze to help numb his gums. The biting he was a bit troublesome about. I'd say he was about 7 or 8 months when he grew out of that, but you just have to handle him well in getting your pup not to bite. We can't prevent him from chewing things though. You just have to make sure nothing valuable is within reach- he already broke three pairs of my mom's glasses!

Totti is going to be 15 months this weekend. His energy level has increased since he was a puppy. He's a very excited beagle who loves to run around and play, but he does have his lazy down time. Beyond 15 months, there are many BW members who can help you out with that!

We gave Totti the puppy nylabones to chew. He enjoyed them. We also gave him puppy milkbones. Any pet store should carry them. We didn't start giving him rawhide until he was about 10 months, which he doesn't even really enjoy chewing. He did love the beefy Dingo bones though. Now, his favorite bone to chew is a cattle hoof- he averages one every two weeks, and he'll sit for hours occupied by it.

I hope this info helps! Please post pics of your pup!
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